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                                                Hi, and Welcome to "Americas Online Shopping Mall©". Thank-you for stopping in.

       Some estimates put the shift in retail sales, from traditional brick n mortar to online, at 15 -20 percent per year. Whatever the rate, it is happening, and happening fast. BIZHAMMER.COM, owned and managed by Greenville Technology, LLC specializes in helping small businesses get an internet presence. We do this in a very cost effective and rapid way. The "Online Shopping Mall" was born out of this desire to help people move there item, product, or service to the vast exposure of the "World Wide Web".
       We have compiled a list of retail links, laid out in a very simple and logical way. The criteria for being a link in the mall is simple. The site/store/tool has to be useful in finding the best possible Bottom Line Price!! Shoppers have to consider, tax, shipping, possible return/exchange shipping charges, warranty's etc... Reputation and the ability to actually speak with someone, is also a consideration. As we grow the site, feedback from our guests will be used to include or exclude sites. We will also have some postings of feedback, if we deem it of value to someone else in their search for an item. The mall will always be under construction. Sites will be added and removed regularly. Seasonal changes will be the norm.

                                                                                            The best way to use the "MALL"!!

             Internet shopping can be a very frustrating and daunting task. There are some people who just see what they want, plop down the old credit card and walk away. Then there are people like us! We have to find the best price. It's in our genes. I would refer to an ancestry my Father used to use, but that would not be politically correct. We don't like to refer to ourselves as cheap, We prefer Frugal.
           There are 2 ways to use the mall. You can just browse and shop all the stores for whatever deals are available. "OR", You can zero in on a specific item and search out the BEST BOTTOM LINE PRICE.
             Let's say you want a camera. If you know the exact brand and model, you can go to all the price check sites and type in that model number and it will find the best price at that point in time. If you just want to shop for say an HP camera, you can go to the price check sites and type in "HP camera" and it will bring up a host of HP cameras. Or, you just browse the "deal sites", looking for the best price on any camera. Keep in mind, items may or may not have shipping costs . Tax is also a consideration when looking for the best price. The more you use the mall, the better you get. Some deals don't last but a few hours or minutes. The more you check back, the better your chances of stumbling onto that one thing you have wanted but were never willing to pay full retail for. 90% off is not impossible, if you use the coupon codes, free shipping and no tax. Nearly every day the internet sites are used for a clearing house of unbelievable deals. Give it a try, it can't hurt, and it doesn't cost you anything.


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